Meet Karen and Mick

Karen started the first Cottage Market in her home village of Ladysbridge, Co. Cork in June 2014. Motivated by the positive impact it had on her local community she set about telling anyone that would listen the importance of putting ‘homemade, homegrown and handcrafted’ back in the heart of communities.

Luckily Mick, founder of GIY, listened and even more importantly agreed, so they joined forces to create The GIY Cottage Market. It’s like companion planting for good ideas and great intentions!

Cottage Market GIY

Set up a Cottage Market

Setting up a Cottage Market in your local community takes a bit of time, effort and commitment because if you’re going to do something you may as well do it right! There are the ‘must haves’, the ‘would like to haves’ and the ‘if I was Wonder Woman/Super Man I could haves’ that go with setting up a Cottage Market.

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