Beth Lee

Soapmaker Beth Lee is reaping the success of years dedicated to perfecting her natural soaps and home cleaning products while living in California for over 30 years through her new business at The Cottage Market Headford in Galway.

Beth has five children and three of them suffered with eczema so she quickly set about learning how to make her own skin-soothing natural soap instead of purchasing expensive boutique products. Building on her knowledge and natural talent Beth also made small quantities of  perfume free, dye free, earth and body friendly household cleaning products for her family and friends to use. Having recently moved home to the West of Ireland after 30 years in the US, she was immediately challenged by how difficult it was to find similar products locally.

So she set about producing effective and ecologically sound replacements for all cleaning products: laundry powder, window cleaner, dishwashing powder and rinse, scrubbing powder, hand cream, lip balm, shampoo bars in addition to the soaps she has always made.

Beth says, “Last summer I was invited to table with the Sustainable Headford group at a local community festival, demonstrating that one can make good quality cleaning items at home. However, my soap was a runaway hit! Shortly thereafter I was invited to participate in The Cottage Market Headford. As word of my soaps spread, some stores in Galway asked to carry them as well.

Through my involvement at The Cottage Market, I have been invited to speak at local community groups and developed a 90-minute presentation that teaches people about using sustainable products.

Making these presentations and being at The Cottage Market has created greater connection and community in my first year here than I could have possibly hoped for. Starting a new business with such immediate success is a fantastically unexpected bonus!”