Cottage Markets

Cottage Markets are held pretty much anywhere there’s a suitable venue, someone to make tea and a committed crew to making it all happen (usually fueled by tea!). We currently have 18 markets up and running and are looking forward to working with people and communities all around Ireland to set up more.

Cottage Markets have a good mix of fantastic homemade, homegrown and hand crafted food, art and craft on offer and given the have a go ethos you never know what you might find each time you visit! There are regular stalls, now and again stalls and totally random ‘didn’t know they were coming today’ stalls. They are a bit eclectic, a little bonkers and totally welcoming. Stallholders and customers are the families, friends and neighbours from in and around the area with visitors and passersby dropping in to see what’s going on. There’s always a cup of tea on the go so check out what’s on where and come join The Cottage Market Crew!

Cottage Markets are:

  • Led by the community for the community and develops organically ‘from the inside out”.
  • All about inclusivity and having a go which encourages amateur producers/hobbyists of all ages to take part which in turn attracts a diverse range of stallholders, produce and customers.
  • Committed to developing and showcasing the skills, talents and interests of local people, rather than ‘parachuting in’ professional traders
  • commercial with a small c and Community with a capital C

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