Mary and Rory O’Malley

Mary is a Retiree who, along with husband Rory, is one of the original members of The Cottage Market Ladysbridge and her griddle bread is now world famous with visitors from the UK and the USA taking samples home with them! Mary and Rory are also members of GIY Ladysbridge as they both love growing fruit and vegetables a lot of which is used for the Cottage Market e.g. Raspberries, Rhubarb, Lettuces, Beetroot, Plums, Figs.

They have the most beautiful garden so between looking after that, growing at the community allotment and baking for the market these two are seriously busy bees. Mary has baked for most of her life and with the Cottage Market launched ‘Mary has a little Jam’ – surely the best name ever for her range of jams, marmalades, relishes and chutneys!

Her Apple and Beetroot relish is beyond delicious and her raspberry jam sells out pretty much every Sunday. Mary’s known and loved for her Griddle Breads, Muffins, Plain and Fruit Scones, Brown Loaves, Currant Loaves, Muffins, Jams, and Salads in the summer time.

The Cottage Market Ladysbridge would not be the same without Rory and Mary and they both feel the market has been a great way of getting to know more people from around the area, both Marketeers and many regular customers who have been very loyal since we started two years ago.